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The Lottery is a form of gambling in Singapore. Historically, there have been four main governing bodies: the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA), the Gambling Regulatory Unit (GRU), and the Police Force. As the lottery market grows, the government plans to consolidate these bodies. The goal of this consolidation is to stay ahead of global trends and respond to new products in the gambling industry. The new body will oversee all forms of gambling and will be fully operational by the middle of this year.

The Singapore lottery is legally permitted in most countries, but it is illegal in others. While the government does not consider lotteries to be illegal, it prohibits the sale of lottery tickets to minors. In addition, ticket purchases can only take place at licensed merchants. There are three main types of Singapore lottery games. The 4D lottery, which is held by the Singapore Pools, has a fixed odds game. The results are announced every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Lottery Singapore produces seven numbers every draw. These seven numbers are drawn, with six winning numbers and one additional number. As a result, the more numbers a player matches, the larger their prize. Eventually, a single player will win the jackpot prize. The Lottery Singapore’s official website and mobile app contain a list of winning numbers and prize payouts. Keeping track of the numbers and prize amounts is easy and quick.