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Lottery Singapore

The history of Lottery Singapore is long and interesting. The lottery was created to stop illegal gambling. It started off with a manual version. Then, the government introduced snowballing, which helped increase the prizes. In 1986, computerization entered the lottery process. The Toto format was changed from five out of 49 numbers to six out of 49. The game has changed many times since then, but the popular Hongbao Draw and Mooncake Draw have stayed the same. In September 2016, the Lottery Singapore made the game fully accessible online.

In 2013, the housewife Pearlie Mae Smith won $429 million by joining the lottery pool at her work. While the prize was enormous, she decided to keep the prize a secret from the media and her husband. She was a lottery player, taking part in the 4-D lottery since she was 23 years old. While the Smith family may not have been rich, they are still very generous with their prize money, and it’s great to hear that a woman from the average working class can win a large sum of money.

While the lottery’s games and results will not be broadcasted live on TV, the website is a great place to follow the lottery’s results and place your bets. The website provides a 100% reward on all deposits, and refunds to bank accounts. And the website is affiliated with distributors of different games. This way, you can bet with complete confidence that you will win big. So, don’t let this unfortunate turn of events stop you from enjoying the lottery in Singapore.