Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

Founded in 1968, Lottery Singapore is the only state-owned lottery operator in the country. It offers a wide variety of lottery games including Toto, 4D and Singapore Sweep. The cost of a ticket is minimal and you can also make use of system bets to improve your chances.

Toto and 4D are the most popular lottery games in Singapore. These games are available at many Singapore Pools outlets across the island. You can play them for as little as a dollar.

The Toto game is a traditional lottery that has been around since 1968. Its jackpots start at S$1 million and can roll over for up to four times before being won. Moreover, there is an option to snowball the prize amount if you match all six of the main numbers drawn.

Singapore Sweep is another form of lottery that is available at Singapore Pools’ outlets. Its winning numbers are announced on the first Wednesday of each month. You can bet on 19 seven-digit numbers and win a minimum of $1,000. The maximum prize amount is $2.3 million.

You can buy a 4D ticket for as little as $1 and you can even make system bets to improve your chances of winning. There is no tax on winnings, and you can claim the prize in a few simple steps.

In the past decade, lottery and sports bets have surged in Singapore. In the Tote Board’s last financial year, it saw a 40 per cent increase in lottery and sports wagering to $9.2 billion, according to The Straits Times. The increased spending was due to factors such as relaxed Covid-19 measures and the resumption of sports tournaments globally.